For International Conference Attendees

If you would like to attend to International Conference (Paid Session) which is held from March 24, Thursday to March 25, Friday, please go to the pre-registration site:

1 Day Conference JPY 30,000 including consumption tax
2 Day Conference JPY 56,000 including consumption tax

*All sessions will be conducted in Japanese except Non-Japanese Speakers (English)
The simultaneous interpretation (English-Japanese) will be provided only for English speaker’s session.
  • *the Japan Drone 2016 Pre-Registration is using the system developed by EventRegist Corporation.
  • **You can access to International Conference, Keynote Sessions, Special Sessions as well as International Exhibition.
  • ***After you complete your pre-registration, you will receive an auto reply e-mail with your registration badge (image). Please print this badge (image) and bring it to on-site registration desk of the Japan Drone 2016

For Expo Only Attendees

Please go to the pre-registration page and select EXPO ONLY button. With no registration fee, you will receive the Expo Only Registration Badge which you can enter the exhibition, Keynote Sessions as well as Special Session from March 24, Thursday to March 26, Saturday. You must be business person described in the following industries to enter the exhibition on March 24 and March 25.

【Expected Business Persons and Industries】

  • Drone, Unmanned Aircraft System Industry (Drones, Materials, and Parts, etc.)
  • Photography, Video Production and Film Industry
  • Facility Management and Maintenance Industry (General Constructors, Infrastructure Management Companies, etc.)
  • Logistics and Transportations Industry (Storage, Parcel Logistics Companies, etc.)
  • Security Industry
  • Agriculture Industry
  • Disaster Research and Relief (Local government, Police, Fire Department, Medical Organizations)
  • Architecture and Construction Industry
  • Finance, Insurance and Legal Industry (Financial Services, Insurance and Legal Services, etc.)
  • Information and Communication Industry (Telecommunications, software developers, etc.)
  • Education and Research (Universities, research institutes, etc.)
  • Government and General Administrations (National and Local)
  • Other persons who planning to take advantage of drones and drone business applications
  • *People who have no relations to our exhibition and conference may require being out of all events by Show Management decision.
  • **If you are not business attendee on the above industry, you can only enter on March 26, Saturday as public visitor. In this case you must purchase a public day ticket thru the ticketing agencies or the onsite registration desk.
  • ***If you have not registered before the event date, you may require paying JPY 2,000 as the on-site registration service fees.
  • ****Please show the invitation ticket to the on-site registration desk if you have one.
  • *the Japan Drone 2016 Pre-Registration is using the system developed by EventRegist Corporation.

For Public Attendees (March 26, Saturday Only)

Public Attendees are allowed to participate in the exhibition on March 26, Saturday (10am to 5pm)

Public Tickets are available on the following ticketing agencies:

Early Bird Price JPY 1,800
Onsite Price JPY 2,000

(Ticketing Agencies)


Go to the pre-registration page for press if you are press personnel.

*Contact office for press relations:

Japan Drone2016 PR Office (c/o actio inc.)
Harajuku OM Building., 3-13-7 Sendagaya
Shibuya-ku Tokyo 151-0051 Japan
TEL:+81-3-5771-6426 FAX:+81-3-5771-6427

FAQ (Frequent Asked Question)

I am a consumer user of drones. Can I participate in the conference?
International Conference is only for business people. You can only enter to the exhibition on the business and public day, March 26, Saturday. You may require purchasing the public ticket.
How can I participate in the International Conference?
Go to the pre-registration page of Japan Drone 2016. The attendance fee for 1 day conference is JPY 30,000 and 2 day conference is JPY 56,000. Only business person of drone industries can participate in the international conference.
Is International Conference only in Japanese?
Japanese speakers speak in Japanese only. Non-Japanese speakers talk in English.
The simultaneous interpretation (English-Japanese) will be provided only for English speaker’s session.
Can I get the session abstracts?
They are only available for conference attendees (paid session) except some documents are not allowed to open to the public by speakers. Please ask the secretariat office for more details.
I am a business attendee. Can I participate in the exhibition on all three days?
Yes, of course. Business attendees can enter the exhibition from March 24 to March 26.
What kind of events are you planning during the Japan Drone 2016 ?
We have variety of concurrent events including drone race, Drone Movie Contest, Best of Japan Drone Award as well as flight demonstrations. See more details on event program on the web.
Can I entry to the drone race?
Pre-registration is required for this. Please go to “Drone Impact Challenge Official Site” at your earliest convenience.